#14: Other People’s Newsletters

Hi hi!

I’ve been having fun writing this newsletter—and subscribing to and reading a bunch of others. For today’s short, sweet Thursday note, I wanted to share a list of the ones I read. All are recommended so click away as your inclination carries you! First link takes you to the subscribe page, which will have a description; second link will take you to a sample letter. If I’m missing good ones—which I’m sure I am—send me a note so I can sign up for them.

Everything Changes, The Awl Newsletter, by Laura Olin. (The theme changes every week so the newsletter is, uh, always changing but here’s a fun sample: Motivational corgis.)
Updates from the Shirley Jackson files by Ruth Franklin. (The letters in the barn.)
The Feelings Club by Sarah Marshall and Leanna Moxley. (Twenty teeny tiny tasks.)
Shaken & Stirred by Gwenda Bond. (How starting a novel is like dancing with your shadow.)
Field Guide by Colleen Mondor. (An unexpected research discovery.)
Grandma said by Lizzie Skurnick. (Inaugural issue this week!! Yes, let’s go to the dags tonight.)
Ideas & Intimacies by Maud Newton. (Maud doesn’t archive her letters so all the more reason to sign up to receive ’em when she sends.)
Like This by Meaghan O’Connell. (Same as Maud on archiving, so an excuse to reread “A Birth Story,” which grew out of Like This.)
Hilton’s Hothouse by Shani O. Hilton. (Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.)
The Inconstant Gardener by Willy Blackmore. (Thrives with little to no care.)

Aside: I really enjoy Shani’s and Willy’s newsletters and I’d like to preemptively blame them for all the plants I’m going to buy and kill this year.

thank you notes by Justin Wolfe. (4/13.)
hang with me by K. (“Everything I read this week was about memory.”)
three cents by Manjula Martin. (Everybody win-wins.)
Reading the Tarot by Jessa Crispin. (Not archived—but tarot stuff!)
Grief Bacon by Helena Fitzgerald. (Forever.)
White Guy Confidence by Karen K. Ho. (Not archived, sign up.)
with love & attitude by Jacqui Shine. (Ditto!)
Mess Hall by Marian Bull. (underground things, aioli, focus.)
Finding Doree by Doree Shafrir. (Not archived, sign up.)
Some Bullshit by Emma Roller. (I got angels all around me.)
The Ann Friedman Weekly by Ann Friedman. (The pleasure principle.)
Lenny by You Don’t Need Me To Tell You What Lenny Is. (I’d like to link to something deep but this make-up tutorial with Busy Philipps helped me understand why blush only lasts on me ten minutes, so I’m linking to that.)

Right now I also get the Longreads weekly email, Medium Daily, and This‘s newsletter for aggregated linkity-links.

Okay! I think that’s it—although as I type this, I’m worried that I’ve left off a few, and that they’re all written by people dear to me who will get today’s note, scan in vain for their name, and sit there thinking, “WTF, CAAF?!?!” Sorry about that—I owe you a beer, imaginary newsletter-forgotten friend.

Until next Tuesday,
wishing you an inbox filled with pleasant notes, entertaining gossip, and rash but warmly felt compliments,

p.s. If you haven’t subscribed to this newsletter and would like to, go here.

Carrie Frye
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