Hocus Pocus Retreat Needs Check-in

We’re drawing closer to the Black Cardigan Hocus Pocus Beast Retreat! I’m so excited that you’ll be a part of it—there’s a wonderful group of you coming, heading to Asheville from all over the country, and I’m so looking forward to you all meeting and knowing each other. The marvelous writer Jane Hu will be joining us again, too, as my assistant.

This is a short questionnaire to help me with planning. There are no wrong answers here. If you could, please complete it by next Monday, April 8th.

Then later today, I’ll be sending you information about scheduling our pre-retreat phone call along with an inventory you’ll use to tell me more about your project. (I’ll also be sending other updates over the next couple weeks, including a packing list.)

  • Do you have any dietary restrictions?

    (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.)
  • Do you plan on attending the yoga classes?

  • Any needs or concerns you’d like me to know about?

  • I plan to have a password-protected page on my site where retreat-participants can post about rides to the retreat center and related topics.

    In case of technical snafu, we’ll do a Facebook group as default. If that happens, would you like me to add you?
  • I’ll also be compiling an email directory for the group that you can use to email each other directly.