Evaluation Form For The Hocus Pocus Beast Retreat April 2019

  • Your feedback will be so helpful to me as I plan for next year. Thank you!

  • 1. Did the retreat match your expectations?

    How—or why not?
  • 2. Which workshops or activities did you most enjoy?

  • 3. Were the one-on-one editorial components of the retreat useful to you?

    E.g., the pre-retreat phone call and our meeting. If yes, how and in what way? If no, what additional support would have helped you?
  • 4. What was the most valuable part of the retreat for you as a writer?

  • 5. Would you suggest any changes or additions to the weekend?

    Put another way, if you were to come next year, is there anything you'd love to see changed or added?
  • 6. Would you be willing to share a testimonial about your experience that I can use on my website and marketing materials?

    If so, tap out two or three sentences here about how in what ways the retreat and my help as an editor were meaningful to you. And/or let me know if you’d be comfortable if I quoted from other comments on this form. At the end, please say if it’s okay to use your name, or if you’d prefer I use your initials or keep you anonymous. (And if you’d prefer to not do a testimonial at all, no problem. Just move to the next question.)
  • 7. Any other general feedback or recommendations?

  • 8. Would you be interested in participating in the next Hocus Pocus Retreat, which will be held October 15–18, 2020?