Beast Retreat Survey

Hello! I want to know a little more about you and your project before we chat. Please fill out this short questionnaire and return it to me at least a day before we talk. Thanks so much—I’m looking forward to talking more!!

  • Where are you with your project?

  • Tell me a little about it! Two or three sentences.

    (If you’re at the “speck of an idea” phase, share the general contours of your “speck.”)
  • What made you curious about coming to the Beast Retreat?

    Check all that apply.
  • Please list three current challenges you currently have as a writer.

    These can be general challenges (“I never have time to write,” “I have had a couple confidence blows”) and/or specific technical challenges related to your project (“I’m not sure I picked the right narrative structure,” “In hindsight, perhaps it was a bad decision to write the book entirely in blood,” etc.).
  • What is your main writing goal for the next six months?

  • Anything else you want to tell me?