Evaluation Form For Beast Accelerator January–March 2019

  • Your feedback will be so helpful to me in improving the program. Thank you!

  • 1. Did the program match your expectations?

    How—or why not?
  • 2. Which elements of the program did you find most helpful?

    (Workshops, Star Board, mentoring phone calls with me, notebooking, poms teachings, structure, sense of community, etc.)
  • 3. Of the five weeks of modules, which was a standout in terms of how it helped you?

  • 4. In what ways was the program useful to you as a writer?

    And in what ways were you able to make progress during it?
  • 5. Your number-one favorite thing about Beast Accelerator?

  • 6. Would you suggest any changes or additions to the program?

    Put another way, was there a way that you would have loved to have additional support during it?
  • 7. Would you be willing to share a testimonial about your experience with the program and my guidance during it?

    Would it be okay if I quoted from anything you said above and/or would you be willing to tap out here two or three sentences here about how and in what ways taking part in the program was helpful or meaningful to you as a writer. At the end, please say if it’s okay to use your name, or if you’d prefer I can use your first name and last initial. (And if you’d prefer to not do a testimonial, no problem at all. Just move to the next question.)
  • 8. Any other general feedback or recommendations?