Beast Accelerator Survey

Hello! I want to know a little more about you and your writing life before we chat. Please fill out this short questionnaire and return it to me at least a day before we talk. Also to keep in mind: There are no wrong answers here.

Thanks so much—I’m looking forward to talking more!!

  • What made you curious about the Beast Accelerator program?

    Check all that apply.
  • Have you ever taken part in a program like this before?

    If so, what worked well for you about it, and what didn’t?
  • Please list three ways in which you’d like to develop as a writer over the next 12 months.

    These can be specific goals you’d like to accomplish (“I’d like to have a first chapter,” “I’d like to find a long-term project that feels exciting enough to pursue”) or more general creative challenges you’d like to overcome (“I’d like to stop only being able to produce work when in a fit of adrenaline and self-loathing,” etc.).
  • Do you have a specific project already underway?

    If so, please describe it in two or three sentences. If not, skip to the next question.
  • Complete the following:

    “On December 31, 2019, I’d be thrilled if this one thing was now true of me as a writer…”
  • Anything else you want to tell me?