Beast Accelerator

Beast Accelerator

A five-week program for building creative momentum.

January 27 – March 2, 2019

If you have big creative goals for the coming year
but feel as if you’re starting from zero,
this program is designed for you.

Once upon a time I used to decide that I was going to “start running.” I’d walk to the street with a grand plan and begin to jog. The jog would become a shuffle. Then when I got too tired to go on (aka, was a couple blocks from my house), I’d skulk back home. Sometimes I’d go out again the next day. But most often I wouldn’t. The experience of plodding forward, in that indefinite and awkward way, was too dispiriting to want to repeat it.

Writers have their own version of this, of course. Because I’m an editor, people often tell me about when it’s happened to them (and because I’m a writer myself, I’m familiar with it all on my own). It goes like this: You’re busy-busy-busy with the rest of your life. Miraculously, you manage to scratch out some time to write and instead of it being a big euphoric treat—*montage: feverish tapping on the laptop*—it ends up the equivalent of the lurching kind of shuffle that gets you only a block from home before you pfft out. You might name a file, put a couple sentences in there, then close it again. For weeks or months.

It’s easy when this happens to think of it as some sort of verdict on your worth as a writer, or on your will power and discipline. It’s not, though. It’s simply a sign that you haven’t found the support and creative method that works for you yet. That’s all.

With running, things changed when I found the right method. (Which, by the bye, turned out to be Couch to 5K, and I recommend it heartily.) Likewise, as an editor, I regularly get to witness what happens when the writers I work with begin working with better methods and mindset. Ancient Word files and outlines get revived. Ideas start sparking. One chapter becomes multiple chapters becomes a draft.

It’s always tremendously exciting to see this happen—and it’s why I created Beast Accelerator, which is a five-week creativity jumpstart designed to help you do exactly what I’ve described here: go from a creative standstill to a place of meaningful momentum.


This first run of Beast Accelerator will start on January 27 and go five weeks. I’ll be accepting a small group of writers for it, and I’ve designed it to supply exactly what I’ve found creative people need when they’re in that “pfft” standstill spot: brain food + structure + connection & support.

  • Brain food: The January run of Beast Accelerator will feature an amazing sequence of prompts, readings, and workshops (not the “share work” kind, the “explore a topic as a group” kind) that will help you explore new narratives and understandings about yourself as a writer & artist as well as spark and fuel your work.
  • Structure: Five weeks of guidance as you build (or re-build) a sustainable and meaningful creative habit.
  • Connection and support: As an editor I see my role as being in the writer’s corner, as a source of guidance as well as an energizing force that helps them shepherd along their best work. For people who haven’t worked with an editor in this way before, it can mark a powerful shift to get this kind of support as they go. In addition to our workshops together, you’ll have a one-on-one call with me during the program to talk about and plan your work (and, if you sign up by January 18th, one call after too!).


You’re a writer or artist who:

  • Has a long-term project that has slipped by the wayside.
  • Has a long-term project that you’ve been sawing at for a while and are feeling increasingly burnt out.
  • Has no particular project in mind but wants to see what’s possible for yourself and would like to build a steady and sustaining creative practice in 2019.


I’ll be accepting only a limited number of people into the group. It doesn’t matter at all if you’re feeling stuck, or between ideas, or anything like that (in other words: there’s no need to be shy), but I do only want writers in the group who are engaged and committed to taking part.

If you’d like to apply, fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch to set up a Get Up To Speed Beast Chat. There’s no obligation with the call. It’s just to share more details about the program and make sure it’s a good match for you.

  • Privacy policy: I will never share or sell your email address.